We do have a black boy for show and breeding still available. Out of CARPENNY SCENARIO and TEEPEE TEODORI ELEGANT ELF. More detailed information here


Casino Jackpot Beckett ‘n’ Elf (Labry Berry Scherbet At Play Mor x Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf) today at Ogre Winner under judge Pero Bozhinovski (Macedonia) was the first in junior class out of 14 (!!) junior males and received his second Jun CC.

And in Retriever Specialty which in was a few hours later under the strong judge Kostadin Shankov he was 4th out of 15 dogs.

On May 22nd our litter is born. We do have 5 black boys and a black girl. 

First quarter of the year: our show news

Champagne Bubbles Beckett 'n' Elf
Champagne Bubbles Beckett 'n' Elf

We are happy of our young generation, show career in junior class has successfully started Champagne Bubbles Beckett 'n' Elf ( Chanel ) , Capulet Gang Beckett 'n' Elf ( Ozzy ) and Casino Jackpot Beckett 'n' Elf ( Lego ) . We are particularly proud of Chanel, who closed the Latvian junior champion in age of just 10 months, and received 3 junior CC’s in only 4 shows.

Also congratulations with Lego’s successful start in junior class and Ozzy’s first junior CC at the International show in Riga, 23.03. We are confident that we will still hear much of these both guys!

Chanel & Ozzy

We are extremely proud of Agnete’s  and Kino fantastic results Valmiera’s show - BOB, BIG -1 Best in show - 4 ! This is clearly the highest result that any from our kennel has achieved.

Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf
Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf

Also Elf has had some nice show results; the best is res. Best bitch is Valmieras dogshow.

Thanks to the owners of our dogs, you are the very best! Thanks to our excellent handler Laura, who knows how to handle ours!

From left - Ozzy, Elf, Kino & Chanel
From left - Ozzy, Elf, Kino & Chanel

We wish you a year full of success and pleasant turn of events! Best luck to you and your loved ones!

15.09.2013 - Latvian Retriever Club Speciality

We did have great results in Club Speciality Show under judge Walter Van Den Broeck (Belgium).

Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf -Excellent, CQ, CW, Best Bitch, BOB, BIS-4  

Zulu Almodovar Beckett Elf - Excellent, CQ, CW, Best Male, BOO

Hilberts Grey Love - Excellent, CW, Best Male-2

Here you can see full results of LLRK club Speciality. Thank you Henriete Luse!

11.05 - Kino - Baltic JunCH

We are happy to announce that yesterday under judge Marko Lepasaar Zulu Almodovar Beckett Elf received JunCAC in Specialty for all hunting breeds, and became Estonian Junior Champion. And with this he also closes junior champion of all three Baltic sates.

But, there is more good news: in April he got his hips tested, and the result is AA/00

Latvian Junior Champion

Estonian Junior Champion

Lithuanian Junior Champion

Baltic Junior Champion

Latvian Junior Winner 2013

We are happy to tell the news: today (7.04.2013) our puppies are born! Happy parents are Labry Berry Scherbet At Play Mor (Gilbron Pride Olaf Baltic Rock x Labry Berry Zenta Prima) and Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf (Farnfield Hakuna Matata x Gwendolin Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury).

In the puppy box there are 5 dashing boys and 3 lovely girls.

Today Zulu Almodovar Beckett Elf (Hilberts Grey Love x Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf) did it great! At CACIB show "Latvian Winner2013" under judge Tatjana Urek (Slovenia) he was the 1st in junior class got his last JCAC needed to finish Latvian (and also Lithuanian) Junior Champion, and got the title "Latvian Junior Winner'13". Thank you Agnete, you both are a dream team!

Ultrasound confirmed Elf's pregnancy, so we are waiting for a chocolate litter around 7th-9th of April!

New information on puppy page!

On 4.-5.02.2012 Elf was mated to Labry Berry Scherbet At Play Mor, more information about the upcomming litter you can find on puppy page!

Our results from Daugavpils dogshow:

19.01.2012 under judge Yana Gavrilova (Russia)
Zulu Amodovar Beckett Elf - exc., PP, JCAC, Best dog-1, BOS! Thats a really nice birthday present!
Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf - exc. CQ, Best Bitch-3
Ziko Armstrog Beckett Elf - exc. 3rd place junior class
Zoe Abigail Beckett Elf - excellent

20.01.2012 under judge Andrzej Szutkiewicz (Poland)
Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf - exc. CQ, Best Bitch-2 and CAC! We are really happy. To finish Latvian Show Champion our Elf still needs one more CAC, but it can be received no sooner than December. So there is a gap of time, and Elf can use it for maternity leave. :)
Ziko Armstrog Beckett Elf - exc, PP, 2rd place junior class
Zoe Abigail Beckett Elf - very good
Zulu Amodovar Beckett Elf - without judgement

9.12.2012 Svētes Iliana Lana Hilberts - JCAC, BOO

Another great news from snowy Liepaja.  9.12 under judge Vilmoš KARDOŠ (Hungary) Svētes Iliana Lana Hilberts, (daughter of our Hilberts Grey Love) – Winner of junior class, PP, JCAC, Best Bitch, BOO! Jipiii!
Congratulations to proud breeder (also BOB goes to kennel Svētes and Svētes Jasper Jespah Norton) and owner. We are very happy – both days BOO go to progeny of our boy.

8.12.2012, double win - Elf BOB un Kino BOO!!!

Really, we couldn’t have hoped for more! Today at Liepaja dog show under judge Alberto CUCCILLATO (Italy) our Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf -  CQ, CAC, Best of breed and BIG-4! And her son Zulu Almodovar Beckett Elf (Kino)-  PP, JCAC, Best of opposite sex! And Kino is just 10.5 months old, a nice way gain his first Latvian JCAC (Kino has already won Lithuanian JCAC in Kedaini 25.11)!

National All Breeds dog show Valmiera 13.10.2012

From the left - Elf, Zulu, Ziko
From the left - Elf, Zulu, Ziko

On 13.10.2012 we attended National All Breeds show in Valmiera, and these were our results

Ziko Armstrong Beckett Elf - 3rd place in Puppy Class (it was Ziko's first show)

Zulu Almodovar Beckett Elf - winner of Puppy Class, and further Puppy BOB! Well done boy!

And our Elf was the winner of working class and at the end Best Bitch 4!

After the show we took some family photos.

Club show, 17.09.2012

Elf with her cup
Elf with her cup

We have some nice results from Labrador club show (17.09.2012, Riga). From our dogs Bella and Elf participated, but also our fingers were crossed for Kino in Puppy class and Iliana (Svētes Iliana Lana Hilberts) in junior class.

As the show was judged by Siv Sando (kennel Eye catching), Norway, I added the critiques of Bella and Elf in their pages.

Results of our dogs, and our progeny:

Vuchi Bella Hillove Teaprincess, intermediate class - excellent 2

Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf, working class- excellent 1, CQ, BOS 4

Zulu Almodavar Beckett Elf, puppy class – Puppy BOB, Puppy BIS3

Svētes Iliana Lana Hilberts, junior class, excellent 5 (9 entries)


Today in dog show in Taurage our Beckett (Hilberts Grey Love) received LT CAC in working class, and this was the last CAC necessary to close Lithuanian and also Baltic champion! Hurray, so to date Beckett is Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Baltic and Belarusian champion.


Also Teepee Teodori Elegant Elf - LT CAC

Hilberts Grey Love - Belorussian Champion

Now our Beckett is also Belorussian champion!


Hilberts Grey Love, dogshow 17.06.2012 Braslau, Belorussia - CAC, best dog, thank our Laura for excellent handling. 

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